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The fishkeeper's nightmare, the bane of fish tanks, the freshwater snail.


I've been keeping fish off and on for 24 years, and this is the first time I have ever had snails. I've heard horror stories about them overtaking tanks, and I do know someone that had to tear their entire set up down after it was overrun by snails.

I love my fishies. They're my pets just as much as my two cats are, so I was a little nervous when I spotted what looked like an empty snail shell clinging to one of the plants in my 20 gallon. I scooped it out, looked around in the tank, but didn't see any others, so I breathed a sigh of relief and reminded myself that I hadn't bought any new fish or decorations in months, so I was probably safe.

Until today.

Today, I was installing a new pump after the old one finally deteriorated to the point that it was no longer filtering well (not to mention being really loud) when I spotted a tiny little blob (My eyesight sucks.) clinging to the glass in front of me. And then I spotted three more. And they had antenna. And they were MOVING!


A friend of mine and I speculated about how they got in there, and we came to the conclusion that they had to have been brought in when I last bought fish. My purty red male betta must have been munching on them and keeping them under control. (Which explains why his normal food intake has dropped recently. He's been feasting on a snail buffet.) The gravel vacumm that is my female Chinese Algae Eater must have been dining on them as well as she went about clearing the gravel and glass of algae.

Well I looked up other methods of getting rid of snails and most are either not feasable for my tank (loaches) too dangerous for the fish (copper sulphate) or just not practical. (Tearing the whole tank down, sterilizing everything and setting it back up.) If my betta can keep up the good work, I'll leave him to it, but since I've spotted six snails today, it looks like he's losing control of the problem. I've consistantly read that putting a piece of lettuce in the tank overnight will attract them, and they can be disposed of in the morning. I'll try that first. XD

Wish me luck!


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