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So I'm in the slow (teeeeeedious) process of fixing things. Here's a list.

Archive Page Links:
Main Archive Page - Done!
A Moment of Stupidity Archive Page - Done!
Burning Heart Saga Archive Page - Done!
AMoS Side Stories Archive Page - Done!

Links In Fic:
Inheritance - broken/missing links, formatting issues - Done!
Drunk on Shadows - missing Archive link, formatting issues - Done!
Lullaby - wrecked formatting, double cuts - Done!
Bedtime - formatting - Done!
AMoS Part 1 - formatting, punctuation and spelling errors - Done!
Shattered - formatting, missing archive link - Done!
Waiting - formatting, missing archive link - Done!
Stay In the Rain - formatting, missing archive link - Done!
Pieces - formatting, missing archive link - Done!
The Last Goodbye - missing archive link - Done!

Posted Fics:
The Show Goes On - Done!
The Price: Reason - Done!

I've just gotten a sharp reminder of why I quit using LJ and DW for so long. I edited a link in Part 2 of The Price: Reason, and now the entire fucking entry is centered - but not in the edit page box. In edit page, everything is as it should be, and of course I can't fix something that isn't there. Grrrrrrrrr!

Keep checking back here for updates. The Archive pages all have the correct links now, so use one of them to navigate.

Ta for now.

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Now to fix everything...

So despite the FAQ saying that it wouldn't make double posts by importing to an already existing journal, that's exactly what happened. So I now I need to comb through everything, delete the double posts, update links so they point to Dreamwidth instead of Livejournal, get the archives sorted out (because they did not update, so many things are missing), and then we'll go from there.

*eyes entries* I'm going to be here a while...
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So this is mainly a test post to see if Dreamwidth kept up to date with the changes to the source code. I had so many issues with Lj's source code, and the gang here and Dreamwidth just copied it without really fixing anything, hence the reason I stopped updating to begin with. So anyway, time to see how broken things are/aren't. Here goes!

Bold. This text is bold.

Italics. This text is italics.

**** centered page break*****

Well then, how'd that go?

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... I've been very busy here lately.

The rich text editor and I are finally getting along, (Though it's apparently called the visual editor nowadays.) and that made updating everything much easier. All I had to do was copypasta from my fanfiction.net account, (Link on the left there.) and the visual editor would add the bold and italics without me having to do it. I hoping this is a trend, but I'm fully expecting for the next update to break things again. After all, there is a reason that I went to fanfiction.net to begin with.

Right now I'm finishing up the updates. I have only The Show Goes On to post, and since it's a challenge fic with a 100 word limit per chapter, I'm posting them in groups of five, which makes things faster. It's just very, very tedious, as I'm sure you can understand.

Other than that, I'm still working on AMoS (Thank you, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2!), and I have another idea for a Fridge Horror inspired LoS fic, which I have titled Blood Is. The entire premise of it is if the Brotherhood lied to Trevor about his parents, who's to say that they didn't lie to Gabriel as well? It's on the back burner, but it's being held up by the fact that I have no idea where to take it. I don't like to start long fics without having an idea as to where they're going. I've done it before (See Inheritance, Burning Heart, and Heart to Heart for examples.) but that causes sporadic updates and long stalls between chapters as I try to figure out where things are going. I like the idea; I just need to figure out what to do with it first.

So that's what's going on for now. I'm writing between rounds of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (I love that game.) and hopefully the next chapter of AMoS will be up soon.

Til then!
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I finished posting Burning Heart, and all links are up and running. Next up (after I've gotten some sleep.) is Earth's Rebirth, followed by Heart to Heart. Then I'll get the rest of the KH one shots up. THEN I'll either post my LoS fic, or I'll get to posting The Show Goes On, a 100 themes challenge I'm working on for Kingdom Hearts.

Til then, ya'll!
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I'm feeling motivated! So, on the list of things to do:

1. Get new LJ Layout, since they got rid of the feature that allowed you to have a black text/white background when clicking on a journal entry link. And this background is hard to read when your eyesight is shitty.
2. Clean up some links. I have broken and missing links. Must fix those. Hopefully, since I'm on a new computer and running Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, the rich text editor won't hate me so much. It certainly would make things easier, if I didn't have to HTML everything....
3. POST! Dear god, I have so much I haven't posted. The Burning Heart Saga now consists of TEN separate fics! I need to get them up, PRONTO! I've also got a new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow fic that needs posting, and I'm working the next chapter of AMoS, so I need to get going on that. Jesus, I have a ton to do. Well no time like the present....
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Sorry for the total lack of updates for the past eight months, but once I started my fanfic.net account, I just really didn't feel like updating here. HTMLing is such a pain in the ass, so why bother when I can just post it and BAM!, all the formatting is there already?

So yeah, I will get thing updated here, but it's going to be a bit slow, so bear with me! :)
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In 1986, Disney released two albums, on records and cassette. One was Mickey Mouse's Splashance; the other was Totally Minnie. My mother bought my brother and I records; he got Splashdance, while I got Totally Minnie. (She had to order them from a TV ad, and they were pricey, which surprises me now since I now know just how damned stingy my mother was.)

Anyway, I like to dance when I was little. (I was six in 1986.) and my record ended up scratched all to hell because our ancient record player skipped at the drop of a hat, but damn, I loved that album. About a year ago, the first track off the recrod suddenly lodged itself in my brain and refused to go away. I tried to find it, but I kept coming up empty. I couldn't remember the song title, or the album title at the time, and the only lyrics I could remember yielded no search results. ("Guess who *mumbled line that I couldn't make out* stepping out in style! It's Minnie!")

So today, when my craniial jukebox decided to put those two lines on repeat in my head, I did another search, only this time I ran across a picture of the album cover. The date on the cover was 1995, but I knew that that was the album cover that I had. So I hunted around some more and found the album name, and finally, the name of the song that was so firmly lodged in my brain. The best part? The damn thing is available for download on Amazon Mp3, along with Splashdance.

So here it is, for your listening pleasure. Try not to cringe too hard at the 80's sound Kitters. XDDDD

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I never knew that Swedish had such power.

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In sims 2, there was this lovely objects called the Cow Plant, and it liked to eat sims. It was great for keeping annoying NPCs under control. XD Anyway, it was no included in sims 3 initially, but now it has been added to the store. Mwahahahaha! See it in action below!

*buys* I am so putting this in a community garden..... *evil smile*
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Yes, I finally sucumbed to the inevitable.

I created a fanfiction.net account!


Anyway, the reason for this is a) I wanted my fanfics to be seen by more than my few livejouranl and dreamwidth friends, and b) the people who do the coding for these two sites make me want to scream with their tendencty to create more problems than they fix with their coding updates. Did you see what they did the formatting on my fanfic archive on lj? It took me four days just to be able to fix those fuck ups because it refused to let me!


Anyway, if you get bored, check me out at: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3611571/eiahmon

It will actually have less than lj and dw because of a) posting restrictions (No Buck-Tick fanfic allowed) b) rating limites (So long AMoS series) and c) embarrassing writing (The Devils Cry).

Oh well... XD
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You! Yeah, you! Get your mind out of the gutter, RIGHT NOW!


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Do I a) draw a portrait of Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts, or do I b) write the Xehanort fanfic that exploded in my brain at work today? Or maybe I can c) ignore the previous two options and play video games? I hate it when my two talents are in conflict with themselves and the rest of my hobbies.

Ideas? Suggestions?
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How in the hell did I get that? *scratches head*

I took a Minecraft Quiz too. XD

*nods* Cool.
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Finally! I got sick back in November and even though I've been over it since December my muse is just now returning. Now I'm working on AMoS again - when I'm not playing Penumbra or Sims 3 - and I have a couple more fanfic ideas running around in my head.

One is for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and it was inspired by this piece of fanart that I found on Deviantart:


I did a little research on how broken hips were treated in those days, and all I've got to say about that is: "Poor Alexander.". Anyway, I had an idea of writing a fic where Alexander did break his hip and Daniel trying to take care of him and being a total rube at it. XD

The second is for Penumbra Overture and deals with Red.

Spoilers for Penumbra Overture below the cut! )
So my idea was, what if you could cure Red and get him out of there? It would be interesting at least, though it would be a pain in the ass to write, I'm sure.

I have nothing going on for original work right now, but at some point I would like to write me a Magnificent Bastard. You can follow the below link to learn more about them.  


I'll have to think on that one and see what I can come up with. Hell even a well done Manipulative Bastard, which is one step below the Magnificent, would be good. XD
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Yesterday, I sent a nastigram to Frictional games because I couldn't download the games I had bought from them and they weren't answering me. Well they responded today, and apologized for the long response time. They also gave me temporary links to download with, and I'm downloading now. *crosses fingers and hope internet cooperates* Anyway, the reason for the delay?

They don't work weekends

And they're on their way to the Independant Games Festival in San Francisco.

*feels like an ass*

I replied to their email, thanking them for responding and apologizing for being a jerk. I also congradualted them on the IGF.

*still feels like ass*
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Hmmm... *runs down the list*

Reset heater thermostat? Check.
Install secondary heater and set its thermostat because the house is so cold at night that the main heater can't keep up? Check.
Hope to hell that said thermostats won't burn out in trying to keep up, and hope that if they do, that they let the tank cool off instead of boiling it like what happened to Rahenna's poor little puffer? ;_; Check.
Vacumn the gravel bed? Check.
Dismantle the pump, flush out any debris, and use a dab of Vasoline to greese the electro magnet that drives the impeller? Check.
Change the filter? Check.
Clean the bio scrubber inside the filter box? Check.
Soak the hood in apple cider vinegar and then scrub off all the calcium build up from hard water? Check.
Wipe off the outside of the tank with glass cleaer to clear off water spots and dust? Check.
Finally replace the fish that died from stress when I had to move the tank when I moved house? Check.
Discover that the themometer that came with the tank is now about 4-6 degress off and replace it with an accurate one? Check.
Watch my 5 Harlequins, 5 Black Phantom Tetras, 5 Red Minor Tetras, 1 Male Betta, and 1 Female Chinese Algae Eater swimming around happily and pat myself on the back for having a good looking fish tank? Check.

XD I love my fish.

Btw the first big pic on the betta page is the closest to what my little buddy looks like. Mine has splashes of iridescent purple on his head and the base of his fins. Now if his fins would only grow back. The stress of the tank move caused him to shed about half of his fin legnth, and they are slowly growing back. I rescued him from Walmart, where he was stuck in a tiny cup with rancid, cloudy water, underweight, dull colors, with ammonia burns everywhere. I avoid buying fish once they are that sick, but when I moved his cup to look at the fish behind him, he sprung to life and frantically tried to escape the confines of the cup. I opted to take him home then since he still had some life left in him, and within a few days, he was swimming all over the tank, right as rain.


Feb. 1st, 2011 11:28 pm
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Here I am, typing this from a room on the fifth floor at the Holiday Inn. The snow was delayed for several hours, so I was able to go into work. Turns out, the snow didn't arrive until a full 12 hours AFTER it was supposed to show up. To make things even worse, ice started falling sometime in the late morning or early afternoon. (I was asleep when it hit. XD) And it just kept falling, and falling, and falling until about 8pm or so. So needless to say, a couple coworkers and myself were stranded here.

On a good note, the power is still on, though it flickered ominously a few times. I have to commend Ameren IP for that one. Their crews were out busting their asses trying to keep the power on, and they were doing it during a howling ice storm. My coworker and I went outside early on in our shift to clear and salt the entrances, and it was like someone was pelting us with gravel non stop. The wind, oh my God, the wind was horrible. There were a few times when we had to stop what we were doing and brace ourself to keep from getting blown over. Yeah it was nasty, and I'll be glad when this monster moves on and pelts someone else for a while.
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No, not by alcohol. By the other stuff, that white fluffy stuff.


And lots of it, if the National Weather Service is telling us the truth. Everyone in my area is bracing for the worst, because we're expected to get an inch of freezing rain, and then a 1/4 inch of straight up ice. Then tomorrow morning, the snow is supposed to start and be fairly heavy by the afternoon. My area is supposed to get at least a foot. I'm hoping it's bad enough by the time I have to go in to work, that I can call off. XDDD Because the alternative is to go in to work and get stranded there. Granted, I work in a Holiday Inn, so I'll be guaranteed a bed for the night, but if the housekeepers can't make it in the next morning, guess who has to clean rooms? And we get a TON of walk ins during bad weather.

So to everyone that is in the path of this monster - which I think is just about everybody - be safe, stay warm, and don't go outside unless you absolutely must. And you be careful too, Rahenna. I've heard this fucker is going to produce some nasty thunderstorms in your area.
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At least some people seem to think so.

I'm sure most of us have heard of the change in the zodiac signs thanks to the earth's wobble. The thing is, some people are just freaking out about it and having identity crises. Jesus Christ people, it's just the constellation that was up when your were born. I've heard of people having less of a reaction to fiding out that they were adopted. Technically now, I am a Capricorn, but you know what? I've been an Aquarius my whole life, and I'm not about to change it. Don't like it? Tough.

If this is how people react to the change in their zodiac, how are they going to react if their date of birth gets skipped the next time we have the adjust the calendar? Thanks to the average length of a Earth year (365.24218967 days or, if you prefer, 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45.1875 seconds) it is impossible to have an exact calendar. The fact that the Earth has a tendancy to wobble on its orbit doesn't help either. (Which is why I have an impossible time grasping it when people say the Mayans had an exact calendar. How?) Needless to say, I think people's reactions will be interesting, amusing, and irritating as hell. We shall see.


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