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So quite some time ago, I created an amplified world in Minecraft to have some fun in. For those that don't know, amplified worlds have terrain that is just insane. Mountains that soar up to the build limit, large valleys and gullies, steep cliffs, awesome overhangs, amplified worlds have 'em all, and they are awesome to play. (Even though you MUST be playing on a gaming tower, because generating them requires so much power.)

Keep reading. Trust me, you'll love this. )

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I was bored okay, and who can forget that hilarous scene when Dracula saunters up to the Chupacabra's cage with that smirk on his face? XD

*goes back to writing on Blood Is*

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.. demotivational posters get made. XD

The story is that my pal LateNiteSlacker and I were playing Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (That game needs more Belmonts. Trevor or Juste would be nice.) over PSN a while back, and we were on the first map on hard mode. She was playing as Richter, while I was playing as Soma.

Some info here:
Richter is the ONLY character with a running animation; everyone else is walking.
On this day, Richter was wearing shoes that allowed him to move at twice the normal speed, while Soma wasn't.
The result of this was that I was getting left in the dust on a map where getting left behind would see me slaughtered.

I called out to Slacker to ask her to wait up and she responded with: "Richter doesn't give a shit. He always charges ahead!"

(She also says that he's the "special" Belmont, but more on that some other time. XD)

So the whole Richter as the Honey Badger joke was born then, and after that, whenever he forged ahead of the pack or did something crazy, one of us would comment on how he "Just doesn't give a shit."

So here is the joke in poster form, at the same spot in the same map where it was made to begin with.

Just once I wish they would use his sprite from the Dracula X Chronicles. It looks so much more awesome.
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All I've got to say about this is: poor, poor Vexen. XD

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A Minecraft version of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" (which is a blatent rip off of Madonna's "Express Yourself" but that's a different story). The guys that did the song did a better job than Lady Gaga did. How funny is that? XD

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A Minecraft version of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" (which is a blatent rip off of Madonna's "Express Yourself" but that's a different story). The guys that did the song did a better job than Lady Gaga did. How funny is that? XD

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Better than it sounds. XDD

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In honor of me finally being able to play Dracula X Chronicles. (Bought a PSP with my tax money. XD) here are a couple of hilarious vids for everyone to watch. Enjoy!

Robot Chicken Does Castlevania

Dorkly Bits: Castlevania S&M

If I ever get my hands on any of Simon's games I will NEVER be able to take them seriously after this. XDD


Mar. 26th, 2011 02:15 am
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By Request

Mar. 13th, 2011 07:33 pm
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Here you go, Kitters. XD

I should not here that the door he's so petrified of has no monsters behind it. It is simply a cheap scare on Frictional's part.

And yes, before you asked, it scared me good and proper too before I threw the door open.

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I'm a yaoi fangirl, but there are lines that even I will not cross. (Alexander/Daniel.. *shudders* Ewwww. Just ewww. Don't even get me started on Harry/Draco...) So anyway, I stumbled across this on Youtube. Enjoy! :)

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If you have not played Amnesia: the Dark Descent, this will make NO sense to you. XD

I found this on Frictional Games' forum, though for the life of me, I can't remember who the artist is.

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It seems like this game would be loads more fun with friends over internet telephone. XD

Heh heh chair sex...
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I love a good scare - as long as it's of the entertainment kind. Real scares? I hate those with a passion. Anyway, I was flipping through my most recent edition of Game Informer (need to renew btw) when a game was mentioned in an article as having terrifying atmosphere. Well since Hollywood hasn't been able to deliver the screams - the last good horror movie for me was Below back in '01 - I figured I'd look into it.

Well the game may be just a bit much for me. Watch the vid to find out why. If you're really brave, do as the game developers advise and watch it in the dark with headphones on.

I have the demo, and I've only played for about ten minutes so far. It's hard to play more than that, since I literally jump at every sound. If the game didn't have those horrifying monsters, I would likely already have breezed through. Creepy atmosphere = good. Scary shit that pops out at you like a nightmare-in-the-box = bad. I like to think though, that I won't react like this dude did:

If I find it, I'll probably get it - and play it with lights on and headphones off. XD
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Yeaaaaah *laughs hysterically*
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This was just too cute not to post here. The video is from the anime Soul Eater with the Japanese language dub. Lord Death's Japanese voice is funnier than hell. Those that have seen it will know what I mean. Those that haven't.. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Get your ass to Hulu.com NOW and watch it!


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