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A Moment of Stupidity Archive Page

A Moment of Stupidity Series
Summary - What if Joachim Armster had lived through his fight with Leon Belmont? What might have been different? Well hang on, cause Joachim is going to tell you all about is. From his kidnapping and forced turning, to his rescue from the ruins of Walter's castle, and from Trevor's birth to Richter's death of old age, he tells all - and blames it all on Leon while he's at it.

A Moment of Stupidity Part 1 - Complete!
Summary - Kidnapped and turned against his will, Joachim Armster spends the next 300 years with his master, Walter Bernhard, in the castle in the heart of the Forest of the Eternal Night. As Walter's mental state spirals ever downwards, Joachim must adjust to his new life and learn to survive in a place where hope was never meant to enter.
Chapter 1 -
Chapel Reflections
Chapter 2 -
Love Bites
Chapter 3 -
Dinner Parties and Dark Haired Vampires
Chapter 4 -
The Learning Curve
Chapter 5 -
Reunions and Meetings Part1/ Reunions and Meetings Part 2
Chapter 6 -
Signs of Trouble Part 1Signs of Trouble Part 2
Chapter 7 -
The Littlest Bernhard
Chapter 8 -
Rebellion and Imprisonment
Chapter 9 -
Leon's Lament

A Moment of Stupidity Part 2 - Complete!
Summary - Joachim is alive, but he is most certainly not well as he struggles to recover from years of abuse and neglect and learns that all things are as bad as they seem.
Chapter 1 - Leon's Moment of Stupidity
Chapter 2 - Home and Master
Chapter 3 - Past Events, Future Plans
Chapter 4 - Encounters
Chapter 5 - Reminders
Chapter 6 - New Life, Old Deaths
Chapter 7 - Buried Fears, New Friends
Chapter 8 - Moving On
Chapter 9 - All Good Things

A Moment of Stupidity Part 3 - Complete!
Summary - After Leon's death, Joachim holds to his promise to watch over the Belmonts, and in doing so is witness to the birth of a legend.
Chapter 1 - Family Ties
Chapter 2 - Departures
Chapter 3 - Returns
Chapter 4 - Old Wounds, Bad Memories
Chapter 5 - Ending
Chapter 6 - Fear and Loathing
Chapter 7 - Hatred
Chapter 8 - Awakenings

A Moment of Stupidity Book 4: The Legend Begins - Complete!
Summary -
Dracula rises for the first time, and the legend of the Belmonts begins..
Chapter 1 - It Begins
Chapter 2 - Finding Family
Chapter 3 - Resurrection
Chapter 4 - The Quiet Life
Chapter 5 - Rest

A Moment of Stupidity Book 5 - Complete!
Summary -
After Trevor's death, Joachim has to move past the grief as his life changes in ways he never expected.
Chapter 1 - Grief
Chapter 2 - For a Child
Chapter 3 - Healing
Chapter 4 - Anew
Chapter 5 - Past Lives
Chapter 6 - Ghosts
Chapter 7 - Renewal
Chapter 8 - Passing
Chapter 9 - Closure

A Moment of Stupidity Book 6 - Complete!
Summary -
Joachim tries to move on from his actions, as an old enemy returns to menace the world once again.
Chapter 1 - Release
Chapter 2 - Protection
Chapter 3 - Dracula Reborn
Chapter 4 - Joy and Sorrow

Chapter 5 - Turning
Chapter 6 - New Beginnings

A Moment of Stupidity Book 7 - Complete!
Summary - Joachim and Hector watch as Soleil deals with the consequences of his actions, while enemies try to strike while the family is down.
Chapter 1 - Turning Point
Chapter 2 - Love and Loss
Chapter 3 - Drawing Near
Chapter 4 - Vanishing Point

A Moment of Stupidity Book 8 - Work In Progress
Summary -
With Christopher gone and the Belmonts under Desmond's leadership, their legend only grows, and the most famous Belmont of all comes into the world. But not everything is as it would seem, and someone long forgotten comes back to shatter the peace that Joachim has built for himself.
Chapter 1 - Legacy
Chapter 2 - Heir
Chapter 3 - Beginning Again
Chapter 4 - Renewal
Chapter 5 - Uprising
Chapter 6 - Blessings and Curses

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