Jun. 16th, 2017

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Title: Where We Belong
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I only own Master Limahl.
Summary: When Xehanort falls deliriously ill, Master Limahl sets out for Destiny Islands to reclaim an important talisman he had left behind. Along the way, and at journey's end, Limahl learns a great deal about what makes Xehanort who he is.
A/N: So this is another rp by Lita_Snow and myself. I'm not sure what brought this one. I know I was writing it myself, and then I asked Lita if she would rp the conversation between Limahl and the island woman, and she ended up staying for the rest of the fic. XD She wrote the islanders and all of Xehanort's parts after Limahl visits the Destiny Islands. I handled Eraqus, Master Limahl, Xehanort before Limahl visits the islands, and Lord Xehanort himself. There is an abridged retelling of my fic "Mythology" in here, but make sure to check out the original if you want the full, much darker story. And yes, the cover image is Lord Xehanort's wayfinder, the same one mentioned in Heart to Heart, and The Price: Family. The Heirloom Trilogy are prequels to The Price series.


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