Apr. 18th, 2017

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Now to fix everything...

So despite the FAQ saying that it wouldn't make double posts by importing to an already existing journal, that's exactly what happened. So I now I need to comb through everything, delete the double posts, update links so they point to Dreamwidth instead of Livejournal, get the archives sorted out (because they did not update, so many things are missing), and then we'll go from there.

*eyes entries* I'm going to be here a while...
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So I'm in the slow (teeeeeedious) process of fixing things. Here's a list.

Archive Page Links:
Main Archive Page - Done!
A Moment of Stupidity Archive Page - Done!
Burning Heart Saga Archive Page - Done!
AMoS Side Stories Archive Page - Done!

Links In Fic:
Inheritance - broken/missing links, formatting issues - Done!
Drunk on Shadows - missing Archive link, formatting issues - Done!
Lullaby - wrecked formatting, double cuts - Done!
Bedtime - formatting - Done!
AMoS Part 1 - formatting, punctuation and spelling errors - Done!
Shattered - formatting, missing archive link - Done!
Waiting - formatting, missing archive link - Done!
Stay In the Rain - formatting, missing archive link - Done!
Pieces - formatting, missing archive link - Done!
The Last Goodbye - missing archive link - Done!

Posted Fics:
The Show Goes On - Done!
The Price: Reason - Done!

I've just gotten a sharp reminder of why I quit using LJ and DW for so long. I edited a link in Part 2 of The Price: Reason, and now the entire fucking entry is centered - but not in the edit page box. In edit page, everything is as it should be, and of course I can't fix something that isn't there. Grrrrrrrrr!

Keep checking back here for updates. The Archive pages all have the correct links now, so use one of them to navigate.

Ta for now.


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