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Blood Is Chapter 3-8

Title: Blood Is
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Do I really have to mention that I don't own Castlevania? If I did, we would have gotten to see Julius curbstomp Dracula, the storyline would have been neatened up a bit, and Dracula and Alucard would have just HUGGED already after the reveal in Lords of Shadow 2.
Summary: Lords of Shadow Continuity: AU to Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2: Trevor wasn't the only one that had the truth of his parentage kept from him by the Brotherhood.
A/N: So I'm not dead! Umm, yeah, it's been an interesting nine weeks. Sorry 'bout that, but I figured that if Orionali can finish Rebirth, then I can get off my duff and finish this monstrosity of a fic. Onwards!
A/N 2: Now that you've read this, go read Rebirth. Do eeeeeeeeeeeeet.
A/N 3: Whenever I write Gabriel attacking in Dragon Form, I think "Fus ro dah!".


Cecil walked through the camp as men went about, preparing their meals, rolling out bedrolls, and discussing where they were headed in the morning. There was also talk about the fire they had left behind, and Cecil tried to ignore the ache in his soul when he heard about that. Like many others, the Brotherhood had been his home and family since early childhood, and he had left it behind to burn, with many people locked in behind barred doors and windows. The barring of the exits had only been intended to prevent people from following them; if only Liam hadn't been so stubborn...

He shook his head. Best not to think of that. He, Liam, and William had been the best of friends since they were boys, but he and Cecil had been agreed early on to keep Gabriel's eventual fate to themselves. Liam was too soft hearted and wouldn't tolerate the idea of a child being used in such a way. When his old friend took an immediate liking to the "abandoned' infant, that only strengthened their resolve to never let him know what was lying in wait for Gabriel. Cecil still wasn't sure what convinced William to invite Liam to their discussion the night three years ago when he had received that letter from Cordrin Cronqvist.

No, he thought with another shake of his head. None of that was important. Liam was capable of magic; he was sure he had gotten himself out of the fire in time.

Are you certain?

Cecil jumped at the sound of the strange voice, but no one was near him, and no one else seemed to have heard it. The others, men that he and William had carefully selected for their continued loyalty to them, went about their business as the sun vanished below the horizon, swallowing the forest clearing that they were in in the ever deepening gloom. Twilight settled upon the world, and crickets, owls, and other creatures of the night began their song. The low babble of voice rose above it, and Cecil would almost call the scene peaceful.

Why then, did he feel so damned nervous?

They had gotten what they had come for, and it had been easier than he had ever hoped. Liam had apparently never considered that they were those still loyal to William and Cecil under his roof. With their help, it had been easy to grab Trevor Belmont and flee. Now they just needed to meet back up with William at another safe house a few days further south before moving on to their next distention. Why William had wanted to stay behind to "check on" Gabriel was beyond him, but he supposed his old friend had his reasons. Well, once they met up with him, he could find out where they were headed from there, since William had kept that information close to his chest. It was almost as though his friend didn't trust him, something that he didn't understand at all. They had always had each other's backs, and he had agreed to that radical, dangerous plan all those years ago. Wolfram Cronqvist would have had them all hung if he'd ever gotten a whisper of what they had planned for his then unborn son, yet Cecil had followed along willingly, without hesitation. Dark times called for drastic measures, especially when the fate of the world hung in the balance.

Cecil pushed those thoughts away as he sat down by the central fire to warm his aging bones. He was getting too old to be wandering through the forests late at night, and he wondered if he would even live long enough to see the next part of their plan set into motion. Trevor Belmont was still very young, and the boy would need years of intense training if he was going to destroy the vampire that his father had become. Hopefully, if he and William died before the child was ready, others would step in. He wasn't worried about interference from the Cronqvist family; with Wolfram dead, Cordrin wouldn't permit anyone to pay any thought to Gabriel or Trevor. Once again, the weapon, and the weapon's instrument of destruction were secured and under control.

The feel of a pair of eyes glaring at him made him look up and to his right. Trevor sat there, chained by the ankle to a stake in the ground. The boy had tried to run off multiple times during their march from the compound to their current location, so no chances were being taken. A key was needed to unlock the chain, and no mere child would be able to pull the long metal stake out of the dirt.

"You needn't stare at me so hard." Cecil said lightly as he went about preparing his own meal. Trevor's glare only intensified and for one moment, he thought he saw Gabriel there, staring at him in hatred. He jumped slightly at the sight, and it vanished, leaving a petulant five year old staring at him with a pouty lip. "Glaring at me won't change anything."

"My papa's comin' to get me." Trevor said, and the firm conviction in his voice made Cecil pause for the barest second.

He chuckled as he went back to preparing his meal. "I wouldn't count on that, Trevor. Your father is far away from here."

"He is!"

"No, he's not."

Are you certain, Cecil?

Cecil jumped again, and he whipped his head back and forth, but the owner of that damned voice could not be seen. Here and there a few of the men were looking at him in confusion.

"Papa will be here soon, and he's maaaaad."

Cecil stood up and continued to look around. "No, he's not, Trevor. The quicker you understand that, then the better off you will be."

"He is coming. He's almost here."

Cecil spun in place to stare down Trevor. "No, he's not!" he spat. "Your father abandoned you! He does not want you anymore, and he will not be coming to get you!"

Trevor continued to glare at him. "Papa doesn't like it when people yell at me. He's going to be really angry with you when he gets here."

Cecil growled in annoyance and raised his hand, and he felt satisfaction flare in his mind when the boy's eyes widened as he flinched back from the impending blow. This would teach the brat to question him -

A roar filled the air over the clearing, and Cecil felt the ground shake under his feet from the resonance of the sound as birds fled their perches in the trees, shrieking in terror. Around him, men cried out as they clapped their hands over their ears, but Trevor did not. He merely turned towards the sound and smiled.

"Papa! You came!"

"For the last time, you damnable brat, your father is not -"

Another roar shook the clearing, and Cecil stumbled back away from Trevor just as someone pointed up at the western sky and pointed.

"A dragon!"

"Don't be ridiculous!" Cecil snapped as the men began to edge towards the eastern treeline, away from the approaching threat. "Dragons have been extinct for thousands of years!"

But even as he spoke the words, he felt his eyes being drawn upward at the sound of giant wings beating the air. The stars were scattered across the dark sky, and a quarter moon shone down on him, and as he looked, a large shadow, flecked with points of glowing red, orange, and white, blotted them out for the briefest second. Smoke and glowing embers trailed after it, and the smell of a fire tickled Cecil's nose. He felt himself backing up a few steps as Trevor giggled.

"I'm here, Papa!"

Cecil heard air being drawn in, and then the trees of the western edge of the clearing exploded into flame.

"God save us!" someone shouted, and Cecil stared at the crackling flames in shocked silence. They seemed to almost be a living entity as they greedily consumed the wood and leaves, filling the clearing with bright orange light, and sending sparks and smoke billowing up into the sky above.

"It is a dragon!" someone else shrieked, and the men began to flee towards the east in panic. Cecil turned to watch them, unable to make himself command them to stop, and he found the time to be puzzled when Trevor covered his ears and closed his eyes. Why was the boy doing that?

Air was drawn in again, and Cecil felt his hair and close ruffle as the dragon – a dragon! - flew over him, and a second later, he saw a jet of white hot flame erupt from the creature's jaws, and the eastern treeline went up with a roar. Several of those who had reached the trees screamed as the flames caught them, and Cecil wondered vaguely if someone had told Trevor to cover his ears and close his eyes. Gabriel certainly wouldn't want his son to watch people being burned alive. But this couldn't be Gabriel, could it? Yes, vampires had true forms; was Gabriel's a dragon?

Cecil shook himself out of his stupor as the northern treeline also burst into flames. Smoke was drifting across the clearing, and he could hear the men that hadn't been caught in the fire fleeing south, away from the attacking dragon. Something had gone horribly wrong, somehow...

Gabriel was not at the castle. Gabriel had somehow turned into a dragon. Gabriel was preventing the escape of those that had helped steal his son from Liam. Gabriel was likely going to attack him next. Which meant his best chance of staying alive were...

Cecil quickly took three steps over to Trevor, and he reached down to pull the stake out of the ground, but sudden movement out of the corner of his eye made him pause and look up just as something landed on the ground next to the central fire.

"Grandpapa!" Trevor squealed in delight as he jumped to his feet.


Wolfram landed neatly on his feet, and he smiled at the ability to survive such a fall with no difficultly.

Get Trevor and go. he heard Gabriel speak into his mind. I will follow you soon.

He spent a brief second sizing up the person standing on Trevor's other side before he shoved him away without a thought. It was then a simple matter to snap the chain that held Trevor tied to a stake embedded in the ground and heft the boy up into his arms.

"Grandpapa!" Trevor's warm weight settled against him, and Wolfram allowed himself a moment to just stand there, with his grandson in his arms. Trevor giggled, and his heartbeat filled Wolfram's hearing. He smiled at the boy, and he laughed quietly when Trevor reached up and poked his nose.

"You feel like Papa now, Grandpapa." Trevor remarked as they began to move away from the center of the clearing, towards the southern treeline, which Gabriel had spared for that very reason.

"Do I now?" Wolfram focused on his grandson and tried to ignore the sounds of men dying in the forest fire that Gabriel had just created. Those same men had left the compound to burn with people still in it, and they had helped steal another man's child with no hesitation. It wasn't his place to judge, but a part of him felt the smallest hint of satisfaction at their fate. It was the vampirism's effect on his personality, he supposed.

Trevor cuddled into him. "Mmhmm. I missed you."

"I missed you too, child, so very much." Wolfram carried Trevor under the shelter of the southern treeline. The men that had survived Gabriel's attack had run ahead of them, and he had no idea where the man he had seen earlier had gone. He could sense Gabriel flying overhead, to do what he wasn't sure. The flames of the fire were still very bright to him even as he moved deeper into the treeline.

"Is Papa comin'?"

"He'll be with us soon."

A heartbeat fell on his ears then, coming up from behind them at a run, and and there came the sound of something small moving through the air. Wolfram turned to face the sound, and he saw the glint of the firelight reflecting off the small crystal vial, and the clear liquid inside.

"No," He started to move to the side to avoid it, but it was too late.

The fine crystal made contact directly in the center of his face. There came the sound of it breaking from the impact, and then the worst pain Wolfram had ever felt set his face aflame. His eyesight vanished as he screamed, and he dropped Trevor so he could try and wipe the burning holy water away. Doing so only caused the fire to spread to his hands, and he screamed again as he felt his skin burning and peeling away.

"Grandpapa!" Trevor shrieked as that other heartbeat picked him up and began to carry him away. "Grandpapa!"

Wolfram tried to call out to his grandson, but it only came out as a strangled gurgle.

"Grandpapa!" Trevor was moving further south, away from him. Above him came a roar from Gabriel, there was a rush of air, and suddenly his son was in front of him.

"Father? Father!"

The burning was subsiding, and Wolfram gasped as he felt his blood rushing to try and heal the injury, but the holy power of the water seemed to slow it. Gabriel's immense presence stepped closer, he heard flesh being bitten into, and then a bleeding wound was pressed to his mouth. He seized hold of it – Gabriel's wrist, he quickly realized – and began to feed. It was the first time he'd fed from anything but an animal – he would not think of Caleb now - and he felt as though he'd had his first sip of fine wine after drinking muddy water his entire life. Gabriel's blood seemed to burn with power, and it filled him with warmth as it tingled and bubbled down his throat. The warmth rushed outward to the rest of his body, with much of it gathering at his face and hands. Gabriel took his wrist away then, and Wolfram took a step back and raised his hands to touch his ruined face, but Gabriel grabbed him by the wrists and stopped him. His face and hands grew warmer, and he felt as though millions of tiny ants were crawling over his hands and face as the injuries began to heal. He felt the scorched bones repairing themselves and new muscle and skin grew over them, and then he could suddenly see again. The sensations then stopped, and he blinked in surprise and looked at Gabriel, lit from behind by the burning forest.

"Are you all right?" Gabriel asked, and Wolfram nodded faintly. He then spun around to face the direction Trevor had been taken, but he could not see the child. He could hear heartbeats, however, and he quickly began to move in that direction. Gabriel followed him without a word.


Cecil weaved through the trees while trying to hold onto a struggling five year old that was determined to get back to his father. He wondered for a moment if his parents would be proud of him, kidnapping another man's child and trying to flee through the forest in the middle of the night. This was not what he had envisioned all those years ago when he had joined the Brotherhood at the age of nine. Damn it all, but he was committed. Gabriel and Trevor simply had to follow William's plan. The alternative was unthinkable.


"Shut up!" he screamed at the voice. "Just shut up! I don't want to hear it!"

God, he could feel Gabriel coming up behind him. The area he had left behind was silent, as though all the air had been sucked away. He could hear nothing moving, but he could feel that presence, and something deep down within him screamed at him to drop the child and run! Run away! Get as far away as possible!

He swallowed as a cold sweat seeped into his clothing; he had angered a predator. He realized that now. He and William had been fools for playing Gabriel like they had. They had awakened a dragon, and it was furious.

Why then, was he still carrying Trevor? Surely leaving the boy behind would slow Gabriel's pursuit of him? Why did he still have him?

Because he still believed William was right. Because they needed Trevor to do what they could not however many years in the future.

Gabriel, and the other vampire that was with him – Had that been Wolfram Cronqvist? - were closing in fast. Even if he was a younger man, Cecil knew he couldn't hope to outrun them. No human could outpace a vampire. He was alone. None of his men were nearby, though he was certain that some of them had made it out of the clearing alive. Where had they gone?

Trevor squirmed harder and managed to land a kick against his right leg. "Let me go!" The aged limb folded under the blow, and Cecil gasped in sudden pain as he dropped the boy. Trevor wasted no time in running back towards his father as Cecil staggered back to his feet and continued his slow pace away from the vampires behind them, using the reflected glow from the firelight on the smoke to see his way. He felt Gabriel's presence move forward quickly to presumably catch up to Trevor, and then he and the other vampire stopped where they were. Cecil nodded; good, that would give him time to limp away. Whatever had happened, William's plan had failed. Now his only hope was to get as far away as he could and hope that they were too concerned with Trevor to -

Cecil paused and looked up as the area around him suddenly stilled. Had Gabriel gotten ahead of him? No, he could still feel the vampires' presence behind him, though one seemed to be moving back, while Gabriel stayed where he was. Cecil wondered about that as he tried to peer into the darkness ahead of him. What had happened to the firelight? The path ahead was suddenly dark...

He heard the shing! of a swinging blade, and then he knew no more.



"Trevor!" Gabriel darted forward, arms out, as Trevor ran towards him, and he scooped his precious boy up and held him as tight as he dared. That little heartbeat sounded in his ears, and Trevor's warmth seeped through his clothing to touch his cold skin. "Trevor." His son's small arms came around his neck, and a little body nestled against his own. Gabriel pressed his face to his son's hair, and blinked against the tears that crested in his eyes. How could have been so foolish to think he could leave this behind? He took a shuddering breath to try and calm himself; he could spend the rest of eternity berating himself for abandoning Trevor, but right now they needed to get out of the burning forest and make their way home.

Trevor smiled up at him, and Gabriel blinked his damp eyes and smiled back. He felt his father's hand on his shoulder, and Gabriel used that to steady himself. It was time to go home; Mother was certainly worried sick by now, and -

Gabriel abruptly raised his head and stared ahead of them, in the direction Cecil had gone. A squeeze of his shoulder told him that Father felt it too. There was something up there. The area ahead had gone silent, and not even his night vision could pierce the sudden darkness ahead.

He handed Trevor off to his father. "Take Trevor and run." he said quietly. "Don't stop, and don't look back. Find a church or some kind of holy ground, and wait there for me."

"What is it, Gabriel?" Father whispered as he held Trevor tight.

"An old friend." He heard the sound of a blade whistling through the air, followed by a body falling to the ground, and Cecil's heartbeat ceased. "Go, Father. Go; don't look back."

"Come back to us safe, Gabriel." Father said, and then he turned north and sprinted away. Gabriel tracked his receding presence, even as he kept his eyes on the dark space in front of him. He knew who was up there.


"Yes," The shadows in front of him twisted, contorted, and stretched, and a human shape came out through them. The sight made Gabriel think of someone coming up from under water, as the shadows seemed to break and flow back away from someone that he had hoped to never see again, "it is I, old friend."

Zobek looked as he had when Gabriel first met him four years before; an older man with silver-white hair and centuries old armor. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you, of course."

"You'll have to excuse me if I've had enough of old friends coming by to visit me."

"Yes, I would imagine so."

"I was hoping we could avoid each other for now."

"You know that wouldn't be possible, Gabriel. You grow more powerful by the day, and you will continue to do so for as long as you exist in this form." Gabriel caught the slight movement of Zobek's hand, and a familiar shape emerged from the gloom.

"The Vampire Killer." he said faintly as he looked at it, and then he raised his gaze to meet Zobek's eyes. "Why?"

"Why did I go searching for your old weapon? Why did I rebuild it? I had to find something that had a hope of ending you when we next met."

"I just want to be left alone, Zobek."

"And you know that is not possible. Fate will continue to push us together until one destroys the other." Gabriel blinked, and the Vampire Killer vanished from Zobek's hand. "Now I intend to finish what I started four years ago."

Gabriel scowled as Zobek began to rise up into the air, lines of bright green light arcing around him, the same power that had crippled and killed Gabriel four years ago in the Land of the Dead. The trees and vegetation withered, died, and turned to dust, which then blew away, leaving them in the center of a clearing, barren of any life. The light around Zobek continued to grow and brighten, until Gabriel had to shield his eyes. When it dimmed and cleared, neither the old man that he had known nor the robed Necromancer stood in front of him.

Gabriel looked up at the monstrosity that was over twice his height. Zobek's true form was of a robed creature, covered in layers of ragged cloth below the waist, with ridged, black armor over the upper half. Green light shone out through cracks in the armor, and just above it sat a barren skull, much too small for such a large body. Dark gauntlets like the one Gabriel had gotten from the Black Knight in Agharta covered the lower arms.

Zobek reached down, and seemingly pulled his weapon – a scythe formed from bones – out of the ground. Gabriel quietly called the Shadow Whip as he sized up his opponent's scythe. Why had Zobek chosen now to face him?

Better to get it over with now, Gabriel, rather than spend years looking over your shoulder.

"Right," he breathed, "Easy for you to say."

The archangel laughed quietly, but Gabriel didn't have time to ponder the angel's sense of humor as he sent the Shadow Whip flying towards his opponent. The blow was repelled as Zobek held the spine of the scythe in front of him as a shield. He then spun in place and flung the scythe underhand. It dug a groove into the ground as it moved, but Gabriel sidestepped and easily avoided it, before using the opening to land a few hits of his own. Zobek staggered as he pulled the weapon back to him, but he quickly recovered and sent the scythe whirling around him. Gabriel moved in for another hit, keeping one eye on the scythe as he went, jumping over it the first time it went by, ducking under it the second, and finally dodging right to avoid it when it straightened out and slammed into the ground. The Shadow Whip connected solidly with Zobek's head before the Necromancer recalled his weapon and swung the blade overhand. Gabriel jumped back, but not far enough.

The scythe's massive blade easily sliced through his clothing, his skin, and bone. He cried out as his ribcage was split down the center and blood poured from the wound. He staggered back a few more steps, even as he felt the gaping wound rapidly healing, but Zobek said nothing in response to the blow. Aside from the sounds of swinging weapons, rustling clothing, and Gabriel's own heartbeat, the battlefield was silent. Remembering how eager Zobek had been to carry on endlessly before, Gabriel found a brief moment to be surprised at the Necromancer's current silence.

Instead Zobek only swung the scythe again, along the ground, and Gabriel was forced to jump to avoid it. The wound on his front had closed, and the pain from the injury had melted away, which allowed him to jump into the air and flip forward. The Shadow Whip swung outward and down, and the sound of cracking bone echoed through the clearing as the whip connected solidly with Zobek's skull once more. He landed on his feet and immediately streaked over to his left to avoid the swinging scythe. He countered with a swing of his whip, but once again Zobek used the scythe as a shield, and the whip bounced off.

He jumped away to prepare for Zobek's next attack, but the Necromancer did not swing his scythe. Instead he only held out one hand, and green lightning glowed and crackled in it. It then streaked down and vanished into the ground, followed by it shooting up out near Gabriel's feet as a vertical line.. He moved away from it, and it followed him. Zobek made no move to attack him – perhaps he had to maintain the lightning? - and Gabriel quickly moved in. Zobek was pushed back by the force of the Shadow Whip, and he released his lightning attack and blocked once again with his scythe. That scythe then dove down into the ground and came flying up under Gabriel's feet. The point caught him in his chest and lifted him off his feet before he was flung up and over Zobek and thrown down to the ground.

The injury healed before he could get to his feet, and he snarled as he summoned the Storm Sword. Blue lightning crackled and flew from the blade and cracked against Zobek's unprotected back. Thunder exploded through the clearing, and Zobek stumbled forward for a few steps before he righted himself and turned around. Gabriel was already running towards him, and he jumped up onto Zobek's front. The sword's blade crackled as he rammed the end of the blade into one of the eye sockets, and Zobek stumbled before he sent the scythe whirling overhead again. Gabriel jumped down to the ground to avoid it, and he growled as he saw that his hits didn't seem to have done any damage to his opponent.

Zobek suddenly vanished in a burst of green lightning, and Gabriel spun around in place but didn't see him anywhere around him. The sound of sifting dirt caused him to look down at his feet just in time to see a hand and wrist, withered and rotting, reach up from the ground and clamp down on his ankle. He kicked it away, and it skittered across the barren ground and came to a stop several feet away, still twitching. The arm it had been attached to bumped against his leg as the rest of the body began to claw its way to the surface, and a quick glance showed corpses in various stages of decay rising from the ground and shambling towards him.

A swing of the Storm Sword decapitated the corpse closest to him, and the body dropped down to the ground and quickly disintegrated into nothing. Good, this would be easy. Gabriel swung the sword down and slammed the cutting edge of the blade into the dirt, and lightning streaked across the ground, and split three different ways to go after the three nearest corpses. It arced up their desiccated limbs and crackled across their papery skin and lit them with blue light that glowed from empty eye sockets and gaping mouths before they exploded into chunks of charred meat and blackened bones.

More simply erupted from the ground to replace them, and Gabriel grimaced as he watched. He dismissed the sword and summoned the whip and waded into the group. A single swing sent the whip flying in a wide arc that cut several of them in half. Their bottom halves dropped to the ground and vanished, but their upper halves simply crawled across the dirt towards him. An overhead swing caught several of them, and their heads exploded, spraying the ground with bits of skin, bone, and brain. An upper half seized hold of his leg, and he spent a brief moment trying to shake it off. A quick stomp them crushed the skull, and its grip slackened as it crumbled into dust.

A pair of arms wrapped around his shoulders from behind then, and Gabriel staggered forward a step as teeth clamped down on the top of his head. He hissed as small parts of his scalp were peeled away under the force of the thing's bite. His blood rushed to heal the wounds, and he shook himself to try and throw it off before he dismissed the whip, reached over his shoulder, and grabbed it by its head. His claws punched through the old bone, and his lip curled in disgust as the liquid remains of the thing's brain ran out over his hand. He flung it off and over him, and he wiped his hand against his tunic before he resummoned the whip to finish off the rest of them.

It didn't take long at all, and as soon as the last one fell to the ground and crumbled away, Zobek reappeared in another burst of green lightning. He pulled his scythe up out of the ground and sent it whirling around him once more.

Gabriel shook his head; he wasn't going to deal with that again. His inner dragon eagerly responded to his call, and he savored Zobek's shock as the Necromancer went completely still and watched him. Gabriel hovered in mid air, smoke and embers billowing off of him, and then he dove. Dragonfire rolled across the ground, covering Zobek completely. Gabriel dropped back to the ground, resuming human form during the fall, just in time to see the flames clear. Zobek was leaning forward, and with a pained cry, the first sound he had made since the battle had begun, he reverted back to his own human form and dropped to the ground. A cage formed out of spinning scythes began to rotate around him.

"No," Gabriel began to run towards him, "you wanted to end this now, and that's what we're going to do." He dissolved into mist to get through the cage, and he reformed on the other side to see Zobek getting to his face with the Vampire Killer in his hand.

Gabriel felt the Storm Sword appear in his hand, and he drew the long blade back as Zobek lunged for him with the Vampire Killer raised to strike. The sounds of the spinning scythes faded and the clearing around them vanished from sight as he focused on getting this one last attack. Finish Zobek, and then he could go home. Then he could live his life without watching for an attack. He just had to...

Zobek brought the Vampire Killer down, and Gabriel reached out with his other hand to try and catch it as he thrust the Storm Sword forward...

The scythes stopped, and the Vampire Killer fell to the ground. Zobek stared at him for a second, and then he looked down at the crackling blade that was rammed through his chest. He chuckled quietly, and that chuckle turned to a laugh as Gabriel pushed the blade through to its hilt. Zobek leaned his head back and yelled as blue lightning began to arc across his body. Like the corpses he had summoned earlier, lightning began to shine from his eyes and mouth, and smoke began to rise from his skin.

End it, Gabriel.

Lightning crackled through the air, and Zobek seemed to glow from within as a single bolt came streaking down from above and struck him directly on the head as Gabriel wrenched the sword free. Thunder roared around the clearing as Zobek was blown apart. Pieces of him rained about the clearing and were set alight with a nod of Gabriel's head.

He stood there in the sudden silence for a moment before he took a two steps forward, leaned down, and picked up the Vampire Killer from where it had landed. He stared at his old weapon as the feel of a hand running through his hair drew a tired sigh from his lips.

It is over, Gabriel. The prophecy is completed. Go find your father and son, and go home to your family. Your work is done.

Gabriel nodded silently, and then he turned his back and walked away, leaving the clearing silent and empty.

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Oh no! What's wrong with the cable? I'm assuming it's the power cable? I'll cross my fingers for you. Laptop failures are painfully expensive - makes me glad I went back to desktops and only use the laptop on occasion. XD

[identity profile] tatteredseraph.livejournal.com 2016-04-20 09:58 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, it's the cable failing. It's started acting up about saying it's charging when it's plugged in, ever since it got trapped under the lid. It's also under strain due to where I sit and where the plug is. I think I need to go get a plug extension, tbh. Oh well. I don't want to have to buy a new cable as I'm curently saving for a new top end laptop. I'd get a desktop, but I use this for work as well as home use. Oh well. Fortunately, I have good friends who repair computers, including laptops, and only charge for parts.

[identity profile] eiahmon.livejournal.com 2016-04-20 10:07 am (UTC)(link)
Ouch, had the battery go bad in my laptop once. It was a pricey replacement. When the monitor went out, I just threw my hands up in the air and saved up the money for a new one, and just in time too. Less than a day after I raised the needed funds, the screen's LCD lamp died. My second laptop then later died of cpu failure. The third laptop is alive and well and is currently in it's bag sitting safely tucked in a corner. It only gets dragged out a few times a year to either charge its internal battery or to use it to diagnose the desktop when it acts up. XD

Now hopefully, you won't suffer hardware failure while reading the epilogue of Blood Is. XD

[identity profile] tatteredseraph.livejournal.com 2016-04-20 10:19 am (UTC)(link)
Ouch, not good! :( Last year, my laptop's grill started disintergrated from overheating - some of the bars fell off. Cue me having to get my friend to frankenstein on to my poor machine a 'new' grill from a different case, as as soon as he opened the case up, the gril area just crumbled to pieces. Oh dear.

Muwahaha! re: the epilogue of Blood Is. I'm just about to go and read it. :D Thank you for writing it! :D

I've been following this week DemonFox38's short Arikado fic on AO3, Moon Lines. It's... somewhat disturbing. She describes it as 'body horror' for a reason. It's not quite as horrific as Whole Tatters is, as the emotional horror was insane on that, but it's still pretty grim.